Umbrella Services

Trinity Christian Academy Services


Trinity Christian Academy will keep student records, including but not limited to: transfers, transcripts, attendance reports, grade average reports, and achievement test scores. All records are confidential and require a written request and parent approval for review.


Transcripts will be provided for high school students.

ID Cards:

Every student and primary teacher will receive a Trinity Christian Academy ID card. Teacher ID cards can be used to receive discounts on educational materials and admission to participating places on homeschool or teacher discount days.


Students who meet all of the state graduation requirements and Trinity Christian Academy’s additional graduation requirements will receive a high school diploma.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies are held at the end of each school year for students who wish to participate. The fee for graduation services is $200.

Counseling Services:

Individual counseling is available by appointment. Please click here to use our contact form to request to meet with a counselor. If you have any problems with your home education, we are here to help! Don’t give up!

Scholarship Program

TCA offers a supplementary scholarship for post secondary education awarded to a senior who applies for and meets scholarship requirements.

4-H Club

Unavailable at this time.