Co-op General Information

Facebook Group

We have a public Facebook group for people to visit in order to learn more about TCA.  We also have a private group for members only. We keep this group private so that families can feel comfortable with taking, posting, and sharing photos of TCA classes and events.


TCA uses Remind as a means of communicating to each other or the entire TCA family. We use this to communicate things necessary to our families that pertain to the co-op such as: announcements, special events, reminders, educational information, etc. This is a closed group and you must be a part of TCA to be a member.


For convenience, TCA provides on option to order pizza from Elidio’s Pizza. You can choose cheese, pepperoni, or mushroom. The cost is $5.75. We ask that you include a small tip to cover pick-up expenses. Stephanie Curi takes care of the orders for pizza. She will make an informational post in our Facebook group each week for those wishing to take advantage of this service. We also offer a Chick-fil-a option for $3.50 you choose an original sandwich, 6 count regular or grilled nuggets. You can upgrade to a combo meal with your choice of chips & drink from the school store.  Angie Brantley takes care of Chick-fil-a orders. Please place & pay for food orders to Stephanie or Angie by Monday at 10:30AM.


We offer a full color yearbook at our Training Center. It is a great way to look back on your home school experience. It includes our parents and students as well as our classes and activities.
School portraits are also available for purchase at a reasonable price. It is great to be able to look back and see how your children grow and change through their school years.

High school courses and tutors

TCA’s co-op offers high school classes in which students can earn a high school credit. These classes are taught by tutors who are knowledgeable and skilled in a specific subject. Our tutor’s time is mostly spent teaching subject matter and may offer testing and quizzing. Weekly assignments are given and necessary for a student to complete in order to receive a credit for any subject.

Our tutors are here to provide help and assistance in making home schooling through high school achievable, but they are NOT here to replace you as the parent. In order for success, parents MUST oversee the student’s high school education.

The success of the students, we believe, is parental involvement. We recommend that parents are heavily involved in their child’s academic education in high school. Parents should provide a great learning environment at home. Parents are encouraged to communicate with our tutors to understand what is required and expected from their students throughout the week. Parents should familiarize themselves with the student’s syllabus that is provided by their tutors. Parents should check homework assignments.

Our tutors will issue a grade based on the students work and performance based on their work, assignments, and tests given during those weeks. It is up to the parent to make sure the student has completed all necessary homework and hours needed to issue a credit for the classes.

TCA recommends that clear communication takes place between tutors and parents for the academic success for the students.

Graduation Ceremony

TCA offers our co-op families the opportunity to participate in our Umbrella School’s graduation ceremony if they choose. Graduation fees are: $150.00 and covers the cost of cap & gown, TCA t-shirt, ceremony, and reception.

Performance Night

TCA provides our families, teachers, and students the opportunity for their class to perform or participate in some way in our performance night. It is a time we gather together with our families to celebrate the gifts, talents, or skill our children have learned during the year.