High School Planning

High School Planning

Many of our TCA graduates will go to 4 year universities, technical schools, or on-line schools, while others will go to work in a family business, become entrepreneurs or homemakers and homeschool their own children. Sit down with your child and ask him/her about future goals, interests, etc. and select electives and other courses accordingly.
We recommend completing a high school planning sheet for all incoming and current high school students to insure your student gets the correct courses needed and is on track for graduation.
TCA counselors are available to assist with 4 year planning.
Planning sheets are available below.

Early Graduation

If your student is going to be finishing high school in less than 4 years, please call or email a counselor to discuss the details and get approval. TCA will require an ACT/SAT score and all graduation requirements completed for students graduating early.

Planning Sheet

For your convenience, we have a Planning Sheets available for you. This form is for you to use as you begin to develop your child’s 4 year high school plan. High School Planning Chart