Financial Aid/Scholarship

Financial Aid/Scholarships


To apply for FAFSA, seniors need to apply online after January 1st. Click here to apply.

Instead of listing your umbrella school as your school, put Homeschool. This is because they have a new policy of requiring all umbrella schools to be on their approved list.

Recommendation Letters

If your student needs recommendation letters from a high school guidance counselor, please follow these steps:

Use the TCA Contact Form and select “Recommendation Letter” from the drop down menu. Type the student’s name in the comment box with information about where to send the letter. Click submit to send your request. Then email Robin Lieser (, Candice App ( details concerning the specific information you want included in the letter and information concerning the student’s goals, passions, strengths, and any personal qualities, character traits, anecdotes that portray these, etc.