Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

High School students in grades 11 and/or 12 may be dual enrolled at a local college/university. If these students pass their college classes, they receive college credit that may be applied toward their high school diploma requirements.

Dual Enrollment – The student receives college credit as well as high school credit for each DE course.
A 3 credit college course is equal to 1 high school credit.
A 1 credit college course is equal to .5 high school credit.
Any course that a college offers can be taken as a DE course.
Sometimes the college will give you the college grade and the high school grade – you will enter the high school grade.

You do not have to count DE courses on a student’s high school transcript. It will still be a part of the college transcript, however.

Forms to Complete

Contact the college for requirements such as ACT/SAT scores, applications, deadlines and etc.
Each college has its own form for you to fill out and send by email, or fax to TCA so we can fill out and sign the Principal/Counselor section.
We will return the form to the college (or parent), along with an official transcript, which you can request using the contact form.
Please plan ahead as this process does take several weeks.
Grades need to be up-to-date so we can send a current transcript.

Lottery Scholarship in TN only

It will pay $300 per semester for 2 semesters per year (11th and 12th grades only) for a DE course.
If the student qualifies for the HOPE Scholarship, it will also cover $300 per semester for 2 semesters per year (11th and 12th grades only). This amount will be deducted from the HOPE scholarship in the student’s freshman year of college.