Co-Op Class Schedule

2020-2021 Class Schedule (click link to view or print)

9am 10am 11am 1pm 2pm
PE * 3-6
Danna White
PE * K-2 Danna White PE * 6-12 Danna White   Woodworking for boys 5-8 Tony Leiser /Jessica
Contendersof Faith * 10 years and up Tony Lieser
  Ballet **
7-12 years old TN Cons ofArts $110/semester
Jazz/Hip Hop** 12-18 years old TN Cons. Of Arts $110/semester Ballet/Tap **
5-6 years old
TN Cons. Of Arts $110/semester
Cooking **
1-5 Jessica Kerns $65/year
Cooking **
Jessica Kerns $65/year
Cooking 2. ** 6-8
Keri Sapp $40/semester
Cooking 1 **
Keri Sapp $40/semester
Sweet Treats. **
Ruth Caldwell $50/semester
  Virtue Training Bible 5-8
Sarah Long $10/year
Beginner Guitar***
Kelsey Walker $85/semester
Elem Spanish** K-3
Corie Williams
Learning through Lit          **K-2
Kim Stanley  $10
Arts and Crafts * K-2.
Jessica Kerns $25/year
Draw Write Now. * K-3
Kelsey Beanblossom
Math-U-See Primer* Pk-1st
LeeAnn O’Dell
Practical Grammar** (Enrichment) 2-4
Megan Robinson
States & Capitals
3-6 ***
Lindsey Armstrong
Sewing/Crafts * 3-6
Angie Brantley $25/year
Adv. In Creation Science
Alicia Carroll
U.S. History*** 3-6
Megan Robinson
Early Math Enrichment* K-2
Megan Heffington
Under the Sea Animals *
Natalie Bodwell
Intro to Music** K-3
Alicia Carroll $8/year
Bible/lapbooks *
Lindsey Armstrong  
Science Exp. * 2-4
Megan Heffington $10/year
Lego Stem
K-2 ** Amanda B. $8/class
Cat in the Hat Science
K-2 Megan Heffington $5/year
Animal Lapbooks * K-3
Sarah Long  
Character First*
Sarah Long
Spanish Conversaciones*** 5-8
Candice App
Little House House on the Prairie *          2-5
Angie Brantley
Beg. Spanish*
Christina Frame
Galloping the Globe* 1-4 Rachel Fugate Apologia’s Chemistry/Physics*** 4-6
Candice App $15/year
World Geography**
Christina Frame
Jr. Analy Grammar ****     4th-6th LeeAnn O’Dell Phonics*
Meaghan Ownby
Professional Communication** 9-12
Christina Frame
World Geography** 3-6
Christina Frame
U.S. History**** 9-12
Jason Napier
Spanish 1**** 9-12
Di Gilio/
Candice App
Math-U-See Beta*
1-3 LeeAnn O’Dell
Teen Living ** 5-8.
LeeAnn O’Dell $15/year
Art **
Rachel Fugate $50/year
Intro to Cosmetology** 8-12
Alishia Carroll $35/year
Chemistry **** 10-12 Natalie Bodwell $50/semester Biology (1.5hr) **** 9th-10th Ruth Caldwell $50/semester ACT Prep*** 9-11 Lea Nolan Bosse/ Penelope Whaley $50/semester Biology ****
Rebecca Cox $40/semester
Physical Science **** 8-9t  h
Ruth Caldwell $50/semester
Intro to Computer
8th-12th** Christina Frame $15/year
Amer. Govern./Econ.**** 9th-12th.
Jason Napier
Art  ***
Natalie Bodwell (FEE TBD)
ASL 2 **
9th-12th Liz Kornfield (ZOOM)
Analy Grammar **** Sn 2 (6-9t) Gwendolyn Delaney $30/semester Beg Middle Sign ** 6-8) Liz Kornfield (ZOOM)      
Geometry **** 9-11 Liz Pierce $50/semester Christian Kids Explore Physics ***
Liz Pierce $10/year
Discipleship Bible 8th-12th **** Chris Ellis Algebra 1 **** 8th-9th
Liz Pierce $50/semester
Algebra 2 ****
10-12 Liz Pierce $50/semester
Study Hall   Study Hall   Lego Stem **
3-5. Amanda B $9/class
Study Hall   Study Hall