2020-2021 Class Descriptions

ClassesCourse Descriptions Required Text Book & Student Materials 
ACT Prep ***

Fee $50/semester
This course will cover tricks and tips for taking the ACT exam. Practice exams, examples of questions, writing practice, and tricks to help prepare for the test will be covered.                   
-Prerequisites: At least in the 9th grade
Textbook-TBD Student Materials-access to a laptop with internet and word processing, two pocket folder, high lighters, black or blue pens, pencils, college ruled non-perforated paper
Algebra I****
Liz Pierce
Chalk Dust Algebra I
full credit course
Chalk Dust Algebra I text purchase from TCA $50 & Calculator
Algebra II****
Liz Pierce
Chalk Dust Algebra II
-Prerequisite: Algebra I
Chalk Dust Algebra II Text purchase from TCA $50 & Calculator
America’s Story         (US History) ***           3rd-6th                  Megan RobinsonWe will be using America’s Story 1- creation-1800s of US history Masterbooks America’s Story 1 student book, Student text, binder, school supplies 
Analytical Grammar- Season 2****
Gwendolyn Delaney
Fee $30/semester
Students will continue their understanding in the different parts of speech and how they function in a sentence. Deeper explanation and practice will be offered on sentence diagramming. In the second semester, several writing assignments will be given and students will learn how to organize and write about poems, dramas, and prose with figurative language.
-Prerequisite: 1-2 years grammar experience with diagramming or AG Season 1
Analytical Grammar: Student book, reinforcement and review workbook
Supplies: pencil, college ruled paper, 3 ringed binder, red pen
2:00PM Biology****
9th – 12th
Rebecca Cox
Fee: $40/semester
Apologia Biology Textbook . I will provide what they need. Students need: 3-ring binder, loose leaf paper, pencils
Art **                        
9th-12th             Natalie Bodwell          Fee-TBD
Various hands on craft projects. TBD
Art *                          
4th-8th                  Rachel Fugate          Fee $50/year
We will discuss and explore many different artists, styles and media.   There will be a short lesson on the artists or the history of the art,their style, and then we we will create the art. Most of the art projects will take 2 to 3 classes to complete.  Here are some of the projects that will be done:
Picasso Art, Animal/Self Silhouettes, Textured Art, Foil Art, Watercolor and Acrylic paintings, chalk art, positive/negative art, op art, and many more
Black Permanent Marker, (Fine and Ultra Fine)  Colored Permanent Markers, Colored Pencils, Colored and White Chalk, Crayola Oil Pastels, Washable Markers, Set of Paint Brushes, Ruler and Pencils
Arts and crafts*           
Jessica Kerns
Fee $25
Fun arts and crafts Pencils, colored pencils, markers, liquid glue AND glue sticks, scissors and some simple items from home every now and then. 
Ballet **                      
7-12 year olds Gwendolyn Delaney Fee $110/semester
This class will develop fundament skills in ballet at the graded level. Barre work will begin each class, and we will move towards A complete barre warmup. Center will focus on gross motor skills, across the floor exercises and combinations. Ballet shoes 
Ballet/Tap **                 5-6 years olds Gwendolyn Delaney Fee $110/semesterThis class will develop fundamental skills in ballet and tap, with A strong focus on terminology. We will work on specific details as well as develop gross motor skills. An emphasis will also be placed on proper classroom etiquette. Ballet and tap shoes 
Beginner Cooking ** 2nd-5th                Jessica Kerns
Fee $65
The basics of cooking. The students will do hands on cooking with simple recipes. Apron, pencil, colored pencils, markers 3 ring binder with clear pocket in the front
Beginner Guitar **     5th-8th                   Kelsey Walker
Fee $85/semester
This is a beginner group guitar class. We will cover basic strumming patterns, reading tab and chord charts, the CAGED chord system, notes on the staff, intervals, and transposition. Students will also learn several songs and basic guitar maintenance. Students will need to provide their own guitar. 
Beginner Spanish ** 3rd-6th               Christina FrameBasic Spanish – phrases, vocabulary, and if possible verb conjugations Spanish Elementary Level 1 by CARSON-DELLOSA PUBLISHING LLC, and a notebook
Beginning Sign Language/Middle ** 6th-8th                    
  Liz Kornfeld
For Middle-School Students with no prior experience signing.  This course will introduce students to non-verbal communication through signs and fingerspelling.  The alphabet, numbers 1-1000, and approximately 400 concept-signs will be taught.  Each class will include signs and sentences learned in class to practice.  At-home practice as well as assigned homework should be between 1-2 hours.no purchased textbook/handouts only. A 1/2″-1″ 3-ring binder to hold handouts
Beyond a Brick™    Lego STEM**
Amanda Burnette
Beyond a Brick™ helps bring the classroom alive with stimulating, dynamic, and interactive content. Our STEM education solutions enable students to cover a wide range of curriculum targets within science, technology, engineering and math in a fun, hands-on, and engaging way.
Our LEGO® -based solutions are designed to stimulate children’s creativity, problem-solving and team-working skills. Students can explore problems and invent their own solutions. They can behave as young scientists and technical investigators, making their own discoveries all the way.                                                          -Prerequisites: Students should be semi familiar with Lego building instructions.
Beyond a Brick™   Lego STEM**   
Amanda Burnette
Beyond a Brick™ helps bring the classroom alive with stimulating, media rich, dynamic, interactive content. Our STEM education solutions enable students to cover a wide range of curriculum targets within science, technology, engineering and math in a fun, hands-on, and engaging way.
Our LEGO® -based solutions are designed to stimulate children’s creativity, problem-solving and team-working skills. Students can explore problems and invent their own solutions. They can behave as young scientists and technical investigators, making their own discoveries all the way.                                                          -Prerequisites: Should be familiar with Lego building instructions. 
Bible Lap books *        K-3rd             
Lindsey Armstrong
We will be covering a variety of bible stories and characters in a lap book learning style. Pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue
Biology ****                9th-12th
Ruth Caldwell
Fee $50/semester
Exploring Creation With Biology is a college-prep biology course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides the student with a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, dissection, and ecosystems. It also provides a complete survey of the five kingdoms in Creation.
-Prerequisites: general science
Apologia Biology Textbook, Lab manual, solutions and test manual, and pencils
Cat in the Hat      Science Class*           
Megan Heffington     Fee $5
We will learning the fun of Science through Dr. Seuss books and activities that correlate with those books! folder with pockets & Regular classroom supplies
Character *                   K-3rd                    
Sarah Long
Character FirstBasic school supplies
Chemistry ****            9th-12th                Natalie Bodwell
Fee $50/semester
Chemistry labs 
Christian Kids Explore Physics*** 
Liz Pierce
Fee $10
30 challenging lessons present the basic concepts of physics, including motion, electricity, magnetism, and matter. TBD- Christians kids explore physics $39.95 possibly, 3 ring binder, pencil, markers, scissors
Contenders of the Faith*
10 years and up
Tony Lieser
This is an enrichment hands on type class. We will be doing a variety of hands on projects such as, knot tying, rocket building, model car making, hiking, camping, as well as memorizing Scripture. Badges will be awarded for completed projects.
Cooking 2***                6th – 8th                 
Kerri Sapp
Fee $40/semester
We will take a step up from basic cooking to sharpen previously learned cooking skills and techniques, learn new skills and techniques and be able to prepare a meal on our own with no adult assistance.                           Prerequisites: Beginner cooking or comparable kitchen experience

The curriculum will be put together based on what students already know and what they want to learn how to make.
3 ring binder with clear front pocket, dividers, basic school supplies, food container
Cooking 1**     
4th-6th                       Kerri Sapp
Fee $40/semester
Students will learn the basics of cooking, including, but not limited to:
Knife skills
Use of herbs and spices
Using a mixer and food processor

The class will start simple with instruction on things like different ways to cook eggs and progress to more difficult techniques such as making meringue, custard, and a roux.

*Please indicate whether your child is comfortable with a real knife, or if they will need a kids knife.
3 ring binder with 30 page protectors for recipes.
Access to a whisk, silicone spatula, zester, food storage containers and rolling pin. 
Dicipleship Bible course ****               
7th-12th                     Chris Ellis
A bible credit for high school.  Discipleship training course with reading through bible &how to apply whole bible Any Journal bible or bible with wide margins. 
Draw Write Now * 
Kelsey Beanblossom
This is a fun handwriting and drawing class where your drawings will come to life as we explore and create artwork through two different Draw Write Now workbooks. We will be drawing various animals from “On the farm” and “Grassland and Desert animals.” Get ready to have fun as we draw!” Drawing Notebook, Pencils, erasers, colored pencils & crayons
Early Math Enrichment*                 K-2nd                        Megan HeffingtonThis math enrichment class will go right along with what you are already doing at home. We will be covering topics such as solid shapes, time, money, addition, and subtraction using direct instruction and lots of hands on fun activities. folders with pockets & Basic School supplies 
Elementary Spanish**     
 Corie Williams
This is a beginning Spanosh class where students will learn greetings, colors, numbers, and other basic vocabulary. They will also be introduced to Spanish speaking countries and cultures.Folder & basic school supplies
Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics ***  
Candice App  
Fee $15
Your student will study the basic building blocks of creation, atoms and molecules, and then journey through simple chemicals, the laws of motion, and energy in its many forms, before discovering concepts of electricity and magnetism. Class fee will help cover experiment supplies.Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics textbook and notebooking journal, pencil, may also ask for student to bring various items from home for experiment
Galloping the Globe Geography **             1st-4th                    Rachel FugateWe will study several different countries using the unit study approach from Galloping the Globe curriculum.  The main focus is geography but will also include study of famous people, literature, art, science, Bible, music, etc. We will keep a weekly notebook of all the places we visit.3 ring binder, basic art supplies: pencil, crayons, scissors, glue
Liz Pierce
Full credit Geometry Chalk Dust geometry
-Prerequisite: Algebra I
Chalk Dust geometry Text purchase from TCA $50, Calculator ,protractor ,compass
Government/     Economics****            9th-12th
Jason Napier
In the American Government Student Text, 3rd ed., your student will learn about essential features of American government, from its historical and scriptural foundations to detailed analysis of its inner workings.
1 semester =.5 credit 
Economics Student Text (3rd ed.) introduces and explores key principles of economics from household purchases to the stock market
1 semester = .5 credit
BJU American Government Student Textbook (needed for fall semester) and BJU Economics Student Textbook (needed for spring semester)
Hip hop/Jazz **          12-18 year old   Gwendolyn Delaney Fee $110/semesterThis class will focus on strength and conditioning, flexibility, and fundamental Jazz and hip hop skills. We will develop combinations that focus on story telling. We will also spend time learning about the culture and how to restore the artform to God. TBD
Intro to Computer *** 8th-12th                    Christina Frame      Fee $15We will be using a curriculum called TechnoKids, which utilizes project based learning. We will learn about the basic functions of Windows in the beginning of the year and then focus on many of the programs available in Microsoft Office. Students will learn how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher. The class fee covers my cost for a subscription required for me to be able to teach this material.Workbooks will be provided. Laptop with Microsoft Office Suite and a three ring binder.
Intro to Music: Flute Recorder**
Alishia Carroll
Fee $8
In this beginner class we will learn the basics of the flute recorder. Each week we will cover proper techniques and beginner notes for the flute recorder. We will incorporate musical games and songs throughout this course to make it a fun learning experience. 3 prong folder
Basic school supplies
Introduction to Cosmetology **          8th-12th                 Alishia Carroll   
Fee $35
This course is designed as a career readiness with a main study in the field of cosmetology. Students will learn a basic knowledge of cosmetology and what career options are available if you choose to pursue a career in that field. There will be hands-on activities and some projects throughout the duration of the course.
Optional Fee $30 for mannequin fee. Helpful if student plans to participate in the hands on aspect of learning.   
1” binder for Cosmetology notebook. 
Jr. Analytical Grammar***
LeeAnn O’Dell
This is a gentle introduction to grammar. Students will learn parts of speech, how to diagram sentences, and practice writing skills. They will have a few small writing assignments to help them get their thoughts to paper.Jr. Analytical Grammar Student Workbook, 3 ringed binder, wide ruled paper, pencils, red pen
Lapbook Animals*     
Sarah Long
We will study different animals by making lapbooks.Pencils, crayons, scissors, glue
Learning Through Literature*
Kim Stanley
Fee $10
This Five-in-a-Row-based class uses children’s literature to teach the alphabet, simple geography, simple science, handwriting, and educational arts and crafts. A small fee helps to cover the materials used in class. There will also be a list of miscellaneous materials needed that can be donated, if desired. crayons, markers, glue, glue sticks, scissors, folder with pockets and brads
Little House on the Prairie*
Angie Brantley
Reading the Little House book series, watching episodes, and hands on learning.Little House book series would be nice, but not necessary.
Math-U-See Beta*
 1st-3rd                 LeeAnn O’Dell
Beta builds on the foundation in Alpha by applying students’ mastery of single-digit addition and subtraction to multiple-digit addition and subtraction.  This course will focus on:
-Understanding place value and using it to add or subtract
-Fluently adding any combination of whole numbers
-Solving for an unknown addend
-Fluently subtracting any combination of whole numbers
-Solving abstract and real-world problems involving addition and subtraction 
-Prerequisites: The student should have a basic understanding of addition and subtraction.  
Strongly recommended, but not required Math-U-See Beta Student Workbook. General school supplies.  Not required but I recommend a set of the Integer Blocks for home.  
Math-U-See Primer * PK-1st
LeeAnn O’Dell
In Primer your child will learn how to write numerals and also addition and subtraction, basic counting, skip counting, geometric shapes, telling time, and also be introduced to the manipulative block system. It’s a gentle introduction to “doing math.”Not required, but recommend Math-U-See Primer Student Workbook and Regular school supplies 
PE *                          
Danna White
Students will participate and learn the importance of physical activity in their lives.Tennis shoes and water bottle 
PE **                         
6th-12th             Danna White
We will explore various types of exercise (running, circuits, Tabatas) and also play team games. Tennis shoes and water bottle 
PE *                            
Danna White
Students will participate and learn the importance of physical activity in their lives.Tennis shoes and water bottle 
Phonics for Beginners*  
Meaghan Ownby
Using the Abeka approach, students will explore consonant and vowel sounds to foster a strong foundation for reading and spelling. Through hands-on activities, they will practice piecing letters together to make blends, short vowel words, and long vowel words. Abeka’s “special sounds” will be introduced according to the rate at which the previous concepts are mastered. One folder, pencils, crayons, glue stick and scissors.
Physical Science **** 8th-9th                     
Ruth Caldwell         
Fee $50/semester
In this study of Physical Science, you’ll be introduced to the stunning world you live in, as well as the universe around it. From the composition of air to icebergs to astrophysics, you will receive thorough lessons in each element of the physical world.
-Prequisites: general science
Apologia Physical Science Textbook, Lab Manual,
Test and Solutions manual
and Pencils
Practical Grammar ** (Enrichment)
2nd-5th                   Megan Robinson
Grammar enrichment:
We will work through fun activities to reinforce and refine grammar concepts.
Supplies are: folder and basic school supplies
Private Guitar Lessons ** 
Kelsey Walker
Fee $180/semester
Private guitar lessons that will move at each student’s individual pace. Students will learn basic rhythm and lead guitar technique tailored to each child’s interests.None
Professional Communication ***   7th-12th                  Christina Frame This class will aid students in their understanding, appreciation, and application of fundamental principles of oral communication by increasing both their communication knowledge and skills in a problem-solving team and public speaking. Students will also learn how to write a resume and gain interview skills, with a particular focus on the STAR method. In addition, students will write one paper discussing what they learned during a problem-solving team exercise. Students will be expected to give both an informative speech and persuasive speech during class. Access to computer and printer, pencils, erasable
colored pencils, notebook or
binder with
Science Experiments*      2nd-4th 
Megan Huffington
Fee $10
Students will practice the scientific method as they explore the way things work in the world around them. A variety of scientific terms will be introduced in an attempt to gain a better appreciation for the intricate details of God’s creation. One 3-ringed binder, pencils,
and either
crayons or
colored pencils. 
Science: Adventures in Creation ** 
Alishia Carroll
In this class, science will be explored and introduced all from a biblical perspective. Each week will cover a new topic, hands-on activity or lab to be covered in class time followed by activity pages sent home to add to a science notebook. The curriculum used is from Masterbooks, Adventures in Creation Level 1. 1” 3 ring , binder
Basic school supplies 
Angie Brantley
Fee: $25 for the year
Beginning look into hand sewing, crocheting and fun crafts TBD
Sign/ASL-2 *** 
Liz Kornfeld
For Students that have completed the Sign/ASL class.  This course is a dual in-class/online course that includes lessons 31-60.  Video lessons (45 min) will be viewed at home, and class time will reinforce the sign-concepts learned.  Vocabulary quizzes, Lesson quizzes and Unit quizzes will be taken in-class.  This class will be mostly “no voice” as students are expected to use the signs they’ve learned and will hone their communication skills.  More in-depth interpretive time will be spent with “story-time”, and discussions held in-class. -Prerequisites: Lessons 1-30 at www.Lifeprint.com (Sign/ASL at TCA)previous year’s
3-ring binder. 
Spanish 1 ****            9th-11th               Camden Di Gilio/
Candice App         
High School Foreign Language credit- Spanish 1 introduces students to beginning Spanish. Students will learn how to ask and answer questions in Spanish, give and follow directions, purchase items, make small talk, and present the gospel. Possible Mission trip Mexico (safe area) in spring, more info to come.Required Materials- BJU Spanish 1 Textbook (3rd ed)
Pay TCC $52 for text
Spanish for You! Conversaciones (Conversations)***    5th-6th               Candice AppStudents develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills useful in everyday life through the context of places we visit. Five units: The Park, The Grocery Store, The Shopping Center, The Movie Theater, and The Restaurant. There is a focus on being able to have Spanish conversations in and about these places. *For new & previous students-rather than complete levels, students progress the more themes they complete. This unique design allows you to place new and experienced students of the same age/grade together year after year! Experienced students progress while new students are seamlessly integrated.Must order home use package-one per family, a link
for purchase will be provided
w/15% off discount. 3-ring binder, notebook paper & pencil
States & Capitals**   3rd-6th                     Lindsey ArmstrongStudents wil learn all 50 states and capitals and be able to locate them on a map.  Students will also complete two projects throughout the year.3 ring binder and subject dividers 
Sweet Treats *           6th-12th                    Ruth Caldwell            Fee $50/semesterNo curriculum.
From cake decorating, to pies, to truffles this class will be all about sweets of every type.        -Prerequisites:strong writing skills. We will be piping decorations on the side of cakes which requires hand strength and good coordination.
Cake decoration supplies. The students will be given a link to a website to buy a prepackaged cake decorating supplies box. 
Teen Living **             5th-8th                   LeeAnn O’Dell            Fee $15This is a home economics type class for middle school students.  We will focus on life skills necessary during adolescence.   Some of the areas of study will include:  personal management, personal finance, health and nutrition,  care of the home, personal hygiene, and care of children.  General school supplies 
Under the sea-           unit study*           
K-2nd                     Natalie Bodwell
A look at ocean plants and animalsPencil, glue , scissors , coloring stuff
US History ****            9th-12th                  Jason NapierThe course will cover the United States from colonization to the mid-twentieth century.  Curriculum is undetermined as of yet.  Textbook: BJU US History-4th edition, Notebook/Binder, computer with access to the internet and a word processing program for homework.
Virtue Training Bible **
5th-8th                   Sarah Long               Fee $10
We will be making a Virtue Training Bible.  We will be highlighting, marking with colored tabs, and studying 42 different virtues, using over 500 verses.  VTB Scriptures highlight God’s character, Jesus’ perfect example, and our reliance on the Holy Spirit to produce each virtue in our lives.  A new Bible, standard 9”x6” sized, version of choice, Twistable crayons, colored pencils,
OR highlighters,
7 colors of
post-it flags (can be purchased cheaply at Dollar Tree).
World Geography ** 6th-8th               Christina FrameWe will study the countries and cultures of the world.3 ring binder
World Geography**  3rd-6th                 Christina FrameWe will study different countries and cultures of the world.3 ring binder